National: 0845 519 8186
Regional: 0121 562 0002
National: 0845 519 8186
Regional: 0121 562 0002

Case Study

Fujichem Sonneborn


Fujichem is one of the largest manufacturers of coating products in the UK and Europe. We were contacted by their Chesterfield site to provide the design, supply, installation and commission of a new network of fire alarm panels.


  • Volatile environment requiring explosion proof and intrinsically safe equipment.
  • The system design required approval from Zurich Insurance to ensure Fujichem’s insurance coverage was comprehensive.
  • The standard framed paper zone plan durability was under question.
  • A significant warning system was required to the unpredictable nature of the site’s products.


  • Our specialist expertise in this area provided a complete solution without hindrance.
  • Our design was approved and signed off by Zurich Insurance without delay.
  • We supplied engraved traffolyte zone plans at all required points.
  • We supplied a high performance industrial sounder with an audio output in excess of 140 decibels.

Why We Excelled

Due to our extensive knowledge of this type of site, we implemented our services without causing any operational interference whilst adhering to some of the most stringent safety requirements. The project was delivered on time, to budget and the client and their insurance provider was satisfied the fire alarm system would continue to provide the highest standards of protection.

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