National: 0845 519 8186
Regional: 0121 562 0002
National: 0845 519 8186
Regional: 0121 562 0002

Local Fire Officer Visit

While fire certificates issued by the local fire authority cease to exist with the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005, many local fire authorities are still conducting routine safety checks on industrial and commercial premises. The first thing the fire authority will require is your fire risk assessment and also records of your fire alarm and emergency lighting testing. The fire officer will also likely to inspect your fire alarm system to ensure it meets their satisfaction.

For example, West Midlands Fire Service inspected a factory in Coventry. The premises was deemed unsafe and served an enforcement order due to insufficient fire alarm coverage, poor housekeeping and risk assessments that lacked in depth information. This enforcement stated all rectification were to implemented in three months or the premises would face further enforcement action that would impact heavily on their business.

Our team provided a formal risk assessment, designed a new fire alarm system and offered advice with regard to building maintenance and housekeeping. The fire alarm was installed meeting the requirements of West Midlands Fire Service, BS5839:1 and BAFE SP203-1 within four weeks of the initial enforcement order being received. This ensured the operations of the factory remained uninterrupted and more importantly their employees are legally protected from the fire risks within the premises.

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