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Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. From their  base in Havant, near Portsmouth on the UK’s south coast, they have, for over 35 years, designed and built products that save lives and protect property from the risk of fire. Apollo is part of the Halma group of companies. Halma is a FTSE top 250 listed PLC, with over 40 subsidiaries worldwide; all engaged in specialist engineering activities.

In that time, they have broadened their capability from a straightforward focus on conventional fire detectors to the manufacture of sophisticated analogue addressable detectors and interfaces. A relentless desire for innovation drives their company’s product development programme; they are continuously exploring new technologies that help them deliver leading-edge fire detection solutions.

Through planned expansions, Apollo has reached a leading global position in the market for professional fire detection. With regional offices in the UK, America, China, Dubai, Germany and India, plus a network of partners and distributors on all five continents, they  have cemented their place as a world-class fire solutions provider.

They deliver to their customers tailored, fire detection solutions approved to local standards and regulations, wherever they are based in the world. Apollo fire safety products are used in prestigious locations across the globe: The Statue of Liberty, New York; The Royal Albert Hall, London; The Kremlin, Moscow, to name but a few!

Apollo holds the Royal Warrant

In early 2009, they were awarded the Royal Warrant by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition of their official supplier status to the Royal Household. Apollo is no stranger to Royal approvals, having been the first UK company of its kind to hold three consecutive Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement.

Apollo has a global reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. They hold more than 3,000 product approvals worldwide, together with several internationally recognised quality and environmental awards.

Apollo Products

Apollo have a huge range of products and their 2018/19 catalogue is a comprehensive, 180-page brochure containing product information segmented by system type and application, plus details of additional services available to their customers. The new version of the brochure includes sections dedicated to recently-released products including SOTERIA Dimension detectors, Intelligent Interfaces and the Apollo Test Set.

Please click on the link below to download the latest version of their product catalogue.

After Care and Support

Apollo offers an intensive after care support which includes keeping the fire detection system in good working order, it should be subject to a routine maintenance programme in accordance with local/national regulations. The company recommends that users of fire detection equipment enter into a maintenance and servicing agreement with the detector supplier.

The following is a summary of Apollo’s recommended maintenance schedule for detectors, based on UK code BS5839 part 1. Over the course of a year, every detector in the system should be functionally tested at least once, using recommended equipment. If the detectors are located in a dirty, dusty or corrosive atmosphere, then they should be tested more frequently.  Over the course of a year, every detector in the system should be functionally tested at least once, using recommended equipment. If the detectors are locate.  A visual inspection of detectors should take place more frequently.  Control equipment should be checked daily to ensure that normal operation is indicated. If any fault is indicated, this should be recorded in the log and action taken to rectify the fault. Ensure that any faults notified previously have been corrected. Conventional detectors should be tested on a test set to ensure that current consumption in both quiescent and alarm state are in accordance with data published in the appropriate Engineering Product Guide.   Control equipment for analogue addressable monitors should be checked to ensure that the monitors are returning a ‘clean air’ value which is within the limits shown in the appropriate Engineering Product Guide.  Detectors still returning values outside of these limits after cleaning should be replaced. They can be sent back to Apollo for full cleaning and recalibration.


Apollo take the utmost care during the design, development and manufacture of their products to ensure that they are of the highest quality.  All Apollo Fire Detectors Systems products carry a Product Lifetime Guarantee.  Faulty products can be returned to Apollo for investigation within the appropriate warranty period.  When products are returned to Apollo, a thorough examination takes place.

Training Course

Apollo offers a range of training courses. A full understanding of Apollo systems is essential to ensure they provide the maximum protection.
Apollo offers a series of FREE one-day training courses for their customers, which are ideal whether you are using an Apollo alarm product for the first time, or looking to refresh your knowledge.

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