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1.0  Inspection and testing of wiring (BS5839-1:2017) Section 38

Note – these tests should be carried out PRIOR to commissioning, with equipment disconnected

1.1 All wiring must be installed and secured to BS7671:2011

1.2 ECA recommended Cable Separation for Electromagnetic Compatibility in Buildings, must be followed.

1.3 With reference to BS5839-1:2017 section 38.2 (a) – All installed cables with a voltage rating suitable for mains use should be subject to insulation testing at 500V d.c. Prior to this test, cables should be disconnected from all equipment that could be damaged by the test.

1.4 With reference to BS5839-1:2017 section 38.2 (b) – Insulation resistance, measured in test 38.2 (a), between conductors, between each conductor and earth, and between conductor and any screen, should be, at least, 2M ohms.

1.5 With reference to BS5839-1:2017 section 38.2 c) Earth continuity and, for mains supply circuits, earth fault loop impedance should be tested to ensure compliance with BS7671:2011

1.6 The resistance of any addressable; analogue; digital loop must not exceed 16 ohms per conductor.

1.7 Earth continuity must be maintained throughout all cabling.

1.8 All termination boxes to be securely fixed and earth bonded.

1.9 All conductors must be identified. Tails should be sufficient length to connect with the equipment.

1.10 Any cabling errors must be located and rectified by the electrical installer, any additional time accrued fault finding by S2 Fire Solutions will be chargeable.


2.0 Connection of field equipment

2.1 All field equipment, must be connected as per the provided wiring connection diagrams.

2.2 All field devices and control equipment must be installed prior to commissioning can be commencing.

2.3 Addressable or Analogue addressable loop devices, must have their ‘address’ number set.


3.0 Connection of control panels

3.1 All control equipment must be secured correctly.

3.2 Field wiring must be terminated into the control panel; however no cables must be connected.

3.3 Power MUST NOT be switched on until the commission engineer is in attendance.


4.0 Documentation

4.1 All tests results from 1.0 should be available for our commission engineer.

4.2 Cause and effects specification should be available in writing to our commission engineer. Failure to provide any system specification will result in the system being pre-programmed. i.e) Any device activates all outputs. If verbal instructions are given, any return visit to change the program will be changeable at our current rates.

4.3 Device location text must be completed and issued prior to commissioning. If text is provided once the commission has commenced, the text will be inspected by random tests.

4.4 If SP203-1 certification is required. On completion of project, if all modules have been completed by BAFE registered companies A BAFE certificate of compliance will be prepared and issued in accordance with BAFE regulations.

4.5 System recordsit is a requirement that all records are filed and retained for the fire alarm, these have to be safely maintained for the life of the system.


5.0 General

5.1 Suitable access equipment and plant must be supplied to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, and in accordance with any specific site restrictions.

5.2 The installation electrician shall be present for the duration of the commissioning, along with the as wiring drawings.

5.3 An appointed representative will be present to witness tests and provide the certificate of installation and commissioning so that our engineer can sign. If this certificate is not available, then we will provide a suitable product commissioning certificate.

5.4 A commissioning cannot take place if an account is overdue.

5.5 Payment for commissioning will be net, payable within 30 days end of the month unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5.6 Commissioning of systems will normally be charged at engineers current rate plus all expenses unless a figure is previously quoted. When a commissioning quotation is given it is subject to all terms and conditions being adhered to, and the information given on this form being accurate. If this is not complied with, then at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to charge on a time and expenses basis. Normally we will allow a total allowance of 30 minutes waiting time on site for breach of terms to be rectified before implementing the above.


6.0 Product Commissioning standards

6.1 The equipment will be commissioned to BS5839-1:2017 section 5 part 39.2.

6.2 Should any information not be provided as per section 6 of the commissioning certificate the system will be commissioned as ‘set to work’ only. S2 Fire Solutions will in no way be responsible for compliance to BS5839:1.

6.2 If additional sections of the BS5839-1:2017 are required, this work will be chargeable at our current rates.

6.3 Our commissioning does not include certifying or providing a ‘Verification certificate’