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Fike is an experienced, trusted expert in bursting disc technologies, explosion protection, fire alarm systems and fire suppression solutions. In addition to its manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, Wales, Canada and India, Fike has sales and service offices throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA, Fike has grown to become a globally recognised supplier doing business with Fortune 500 companies. Their highly skilled workforces design and build precision-engineered solutions and provides a personalised customer service experience for businesses around the world that want peace of mind from experiencing consequences of serious financial loss or a devastating disaster.

Fike UK consists of two locations, Maidstone in Kent and Cwmbran.  The Maidstone location, founded in 1985, sells and distributes industrial protection systems, oilfield products and pressure relief solutions. The Fike UK Cwmbran location specialises in Fire Protection solutions and manufactures Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems.

All Fike’s products and services are designed to meet or exceed customer and industry standards – technologically advanced, fast and flexible. Fike’s highly-trained customer and technical service team deliver quick answers to your product, capability and technical questions.


Fike engineers expertly manufacture an extensive selection of products to cover wide range of applications.

TwinFlexPro² Two Wire Fire Alarm System

A conventional 2-wire fire alarm system is often the natural choice for smaller applications or where budget constraints exist. Fike’s TWINFLEXpro² 2-wire fire alarm system has long been known for its adaptability and cost-effectiveness within a variety of applications, big or small … making it one of the most flexible products on the market. Building on those strengths and designed for ease of use and state-of-the-art monitoring, the LPCB-Approved TWINFLEXpro² is the next generation in 2-wire fire alarm reliability.

This versatile fire alarm system incorporates Fike’s ASD Multipoint detector using smoke and heat detection with optional built-in sounder, allowing the whole system to be installed using only one pair of wires per zone. That means easier, faster installations AND cost savings.

Using the built-in alarm confirmation feature, until an alarm has been confirmed within an individual area, only that area is evacuated.  At the same time, if an alarm is triggered in a common area, the device initiates a full alarm evacuating all surrounding areas. This unique  panel feature is vital where two-stage alarms are required.

For example – when an alarm is indicated by  an individual detector, the sounder for that  device/zone is activated and the control panel  carries out the configured number of  confirmation checks on that specific zone. If the alarm is confirmed, the control panel  enters the fire state and all additional  notification devices are activated throughout  the facility. If the detector alarm is rejected,  the sounders on the zone are silenced, and  the detector in alarm is reset.

For safety, activating a callpoint will override  any delays or confirmation settings.

Multipoint ASD Detector

The Multipoint ASD detectors have set new standards in detector technology. The TWINFLEX Multipoint ASD head is a 2-wire device used with the TWINFLEX and TWINFLEX Pro systems, whereas the Addressable ASD detector is used on the Duonet and Quadnet systems. Using microprocessor control these devices offer the installer a full range of detection capabilities with audible and visual warning in one compact device for full DDA compliance. The detectors can be matched to the environment in which they are installed and changed any time during the lifetime of the installation. The mode of detection required can be changed simply by configuring the DIL switch in the detector electronics module (configurable via commissioning software on addressable systems). All modes are compliant with European detector type specification.

Duonet & Quadnet Intelligent Fire Alarm System

The Duonet & Quadnet intelligent fire alarm systems offer both cost-effective and reliable solutions for a wide variety of fire detection applications. The innovative technology built into the Duonet and Quadnet panels is designed to significantly reduce false alarms. The systems can support up to 200 Multipoint ASD combined detector/sounders on a single loop.

Integrity of the system is maintained by way of a built-in isolator incorporated within every device. System intelligence has been harnessed in such a way that equipment used is very easy to install, commission and maintain.

The system has been designed to high specification and quality standards, and complies with the EN54 – 2 and EN54 – 4 standards and EU directives.

Powerful software gives the capacity of up to 4 loops for the Quadnet and 2 loops for the Duonet panel, making addressable Multipoint ASD detector technology available to customers with systems up to 800 devices.

The panels have been designed using significant customer feedback, to produce a high specification system with many unique features. The standard black high-gloss finish of the panels has been chosen to reflect the panel’s state of the art technology and to enhance its surroundings, rather than be hidden away.

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