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Specialist Knowledge of Fire Alarm Systems

There are so many different options when it comes to fire alarm systems. Our team of fire alarm heroes have specialist knowledge of every type of system. We can design, advise and provide:

  • Air sampling – A piped smoke detection system that can be used to detect a fire at a very early stage such as smouldering cables in a server room. These also can be used to cover large areas for example, warehouses.
  • Linear heat detection – Often used where other types of detection generates false alarms. This type of detection is often immune to environmental conditions that may damage other types of detection.
  • Fibre networking – Ideal for networking systems that have large distances between panels such as sites with many remote buildings spread over a wide area.
  • Intrinsically safe – A unique system for protection electrical equipment present in hazardous areas by limiting the current thus preventing sparks or sources of ignition.
  • Explosion proof – this involves securing equipment or cabling in an armoured container.
  • Radio systems – Commonly used in heritage buildings that require minimal use of cabling and integral batteries to remain operational. A radio survey is always carried out in advance to ensure signal strength is sufficient.
  • Wide area sounders – These are usually used externally but not exclusively for fire alarm systems. These mighty sounders can also be used to warn in the event of toxic gas leaks, bomb alerts or flood warning.
  • Legacy systems – We are particularly knowledgeable on legacy systems. These are old but still functioning and require specialist experience due to the age of the technology. For more information on this types of system please click here.

We additionally design, advise and provide standard point detection on conventional, twin-wire and addressable systems. If you would like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of all types of fire alarm system, please click here.

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