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For 100 years Hochiki has led the way in the design and manufacturer of innovative life safety solutions. Hochiki Corporation is a wholly independent, multinational, publicly listed company located in Japan with over 1,700 employees working across six manufacturing plants, 36 sales offices and 13 subsidiaries.  Its leading edge commercial and industrial life safety systems and products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.  In 1972 Hochiki established Hochiki America Corporation in order to cater for the growing demand in the American market.

Hochiki America now has over 100 employees, a fully operational factory, established sales and technical support facilities. Having expanded its plant in California in the late 1980’s, Hochiki America now manufactures UL and FM approved products.  Hochiki’s European headquarters were established in 1993 in the UK. Operating under Hochiki Europe, the business provides advanced fire detection and emergency lighting systems across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.  At present, Hochiki Europe builds in excess of 700,000 conventional and intelligent detectors and ancillaries per year at its purpose-built production facility.


Hochiki’s ESP intelligent range of addressable fire detection and alarm equipment has been designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, offering a solution of incomparable reliability. All products use Hochiki’s high integrity digital communications link ‘Enhanced Systems Protocol’ (ESP), giving the range its name.  The main features of the ESP range are system tailoring which offer advanced controls within the ESP products including variable volumes and tones.  Also a unique ID code, allows the system to recognise what device type the alarm has been generated from. Sub addressing can accommodate up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs at each address. The ESP range is ideal for many environments and is adaptable to a broad range of environments and applications. From small to very large areas, the range can be utilised to fit almost any particular environment. Some examples of where the ESPintelligent range is particularly effective are Schools & Universities, Multiple Occupancy Accomadation, Hospitals, Care Homes and Airports to name a few.


Smoke, Heat & Multi

Foremost in the range is the ALN-EN Photoelectric Smoke Sensor. Utilising Hochiki’s high performance, flat response chamber technology, it provides a high level of false alarm immunity whilst maintaining a superior fire detection capability. It exceeds all requirements of EN54 standards and is unrivalled by any competitor’s technology.

For applications where risk factors change, the ACC-EN Multi-Sensor incorporates both a photoelectric smoke sensor and a heat sensor which can be used in combination or individually to provide optimum detection with an enhanced immunity to false alarms.

ATJ-EN Multi-heat sensors incorporate both fixed temperature and rate of rise heat elements in reaching the fire decision.


Input & Output

A comprehensive range of Input and Output interfaces covers all of the normal integration requirements, from connecting an existing conventional zone to shutting down smoke dampers, closing fire doors and preventing the use of elevators.  There is also provision for 24 V to be obtained from the device loop, allowing additional equipment to be powered.

All Hochiki interfaces have multiple Input / Output functionality. However, they only take up a single loop address. This provides a very cost effective system solution by minimising the total number of physical devices required to achieve the desired cause & effect requirements.

Most interfaces are loop powered to simplify installation. Loop powered sounders and beacons can also provide considerable savings through the reduction of installation costs. These devices consume exceptionally low levels of electrical current and maximise the loop’s capacity.

Audio / Visual

VADs and Sounders

Loop powered sounders and beacons can also provide considerable savings through the reduction of installation costs. These devices consume exceptionally low levels of electrical current and maximise the loop’s capacity.

A range of EN54-23 compliant visual alarm devices (VADs) are also available, third-party approved and designed to exceed the demands of the standard to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Hochiki’s CDX range offers one of the most extensive product portfolios available, providing solutions for most conventional fire detection applications and security systems due to its wide operating voltage range (9.5~ to 30 V dc). The extensive collection also features application specific products that support specialised areas and the most demanding applications.

Hochiki’s addressable devices are compatible with C-Tec XFP, Advanced Electronics and Kentec fire alarm panels amongst others.  The advantage of using Hochiki devices is that all devices have 1 base (YBN-R/3 for ceiling devices and YBO-R/3 for wall devices) speeding up the installation process.

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