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Park Regis is a well-known brand of luxury hotels in Australasia. The brand decided to enter the UK market with a flagship site situated on Five Ways, Birmingham. The site, Auchinleck House, was a vacant landmark known to the locals and a perfect structure for refurbishment that also was part of the old Five Ways Shopping Centre.


  • 16-floor hotel.
  • Ceiling and floor voids not suitable for point detection.
  • Potential high risk of false alarms.
  • Risk of disabled persons being trapped on high levels.


  • Multi-panel network.
  • Point detection supported by aspirating system.
  • Multi-sensors throughout.
  • Integration with other business systems including disabled refuge.

Why We Excelled

We worked with the installer on a supply and commission basis. Our expert knowledge of specialist cause and effect required us to enable the system to meet the hotel’s requirements. Intelligent response systems were programmed to minimise false alarms from situations such as smoking in bedrooms. We had the ability to work with all various stakeholders to ensure flexibility and accommodation for staggered deadlines.

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