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What is BAFE?

We are proud to be to be a BAFE company, accredited through the SSAIB, and would like to explain to you what BAFE is.

What is BAFE?

BAFE stands for “British Approvals For Fire Equipment”. They are a UK company who is an independent registration body for third party certified fire protection companies across the UK. They provide a national independent register of quality fire safety service providers.

BAFE develops schemes to support quality standards for fire protection companies to achieve and become third party certified. If you require fire protection service for your premises then you should contact a BAFE accredited company to be sure you are provided with systems and equipment which meet all the appropriate standards and are independently audited.

BAFE is completely independent and therefore is a totally unbiased party to help competent companies and people in need of fire protection services find each other. There are registered companies across the UK and are both large nationals and smaller regional businesses who have all achieved the same high quality standards.

How are BAFE registered companies certified

All BAFE registered companies are third party certified by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies licensed to operate the BAFE schemes. This ensures that they have been assessed and awarded certification in their specific areas of fire protection offered as competent.

As all the BAFE schemes are delivered by a range of UKAS accredited Certification Bodies working to the same standards, there is no requirement to specify individual Certification Bodies (unless desired for additional reasons). Third party certification to one or more of the BAFE schemes is the pre-requisite to becoming BAFE registered. This accreditation is assessed annually.

How to find a BAFE Registered Company

To find a company that is BAFE registered you can go onto the BAFE website and use their registered company directory. You can either search using locations or the company name.

The benefits of using a BAFE registered company

Choosing fire protection from a BAFE registered company will ensure that the services that are offered, conform to a recognised standard, one which is constantly updating with new legislation with safety at the forefront. The safety responsibility is with the owner/occupier and it is increasingly important that the quality of fire protection is fit for purpose and is installed and maintained by competent, skilled and trained person. The scheme is designed to give assurance and confidence in the quality and relevance of the services being provided.

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