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Here is our sixth blog in our Manufacturers Monday Series, another of our main companies that we use is Eaton.

Based in Doncaster, Eaton’s fire systems business manufacture and supply complete fire systems, not just individual components. A complete system can be specified from a single source, confident in the knowledge that all system components have been specifically designed and tested to ensure that they are all fully compatible with each other and will function as a fully complete fire detection and alarm system.

It is absolutely vital that all elements of a fire detection system are fully compatible with each other. To support this philosophy, Eaton’s large multi disciplined research and development team, based in Doncaster is responsible for the integration of the latest technology into the full range of Eaton’s Fire Systems Business products.

Eaton’s fire systems business products have international approvals, the CF3000 and CF1000 range are Europe’s first touch screen analogue fire panels that have built in multi-language capability with 27 languages available at your finger tips.

Their website contains a number of new innovative products including a wireless fire detection, public address/voice alarm. The many innovative new and improved products featured in their catalogue demonstrate their commitment of Eaton’s fire systems business to remain at the leading edge of fire alarm technological development.


The latest additions to the Cooper range include Wireless Fire Detection, Loudspeakers, Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA), Bi-Wire with ‘HMO’ facility and the new Bi-Wire 5 in 1 Detector. These products together with the patented ‘Self-Check’ conventional detector range, demonstrate the commitment Cooper has to continuous product development.

Addressable Fire Alarm Panels

The Eaton Cooper CF2000D panel is an entry level intelligent addressable control panel which can be configured for either 1 or 2 loop operation. It serves as the optimum solution for buildings that require a simple to use addressable fire system with a single, non-networked panel. This intelligent addressable control panel has an LCD display which provides a simple yet comprehensive, menu-driven, end user interface.

The CF2000’s ability to support Eaton’s cause and effect programming and a wide range of user controllable functions makes the panel suitable for a varied range of projects from small warehouses to small/medium office developments as well as many small industrial applications. As with all Eaton Cooper intelligent addressable panels, the CF2000 uses “spur tolerant” soft addressing to minimise installation time and remove potential for errors often associated with many forms of manual addressing.

The CF3000 series is a high specification, intelligent addressable fire control panel fully certified to En54 parts 2 and 4.  With a capacity of 200 addresses and  detailed cause and effect programing, itdelivers a comprehensive user interface and logical menu structure.  A network capability from 2 to 126 panels,  makes the Cf300  flexible for a diverse range of projects and is backed up by a large selection of devices and peripherals.

Bi- Wire Flexi Fire Alarm

BiWire Flexi combines two technologies to provide a truly versatile fire safety solution.

The panel can be configured to allow either two-wire or conventional devices to work on a zone. Each zone is individually configurable so a mixture of types can therefore be installed on the same system. This provides you with the flexibility to utilise all the time-saving benefits of a two-wire system with the ability to use a wide range of conventional devices, where required.

It shares the same straightforward, intuitive interface as the BiWire Ultra and EFCV8Zone conventional panels, providing a proven solution for simple programming and maintenance. The BiWire Flexi fire alarm system is certified to EN54 part2 and part 4 and is designed to meet the recommendations of BS5839.


The CFVCX8 VoCALL Network 8 Line Exchange unit is a small, wall mounted unit which can be distributed throughout a site and concealed from view in convenient locations such as risers, stairwells and cupboards.

Using this system greatly reduces the cabling requirement and equipment ‘on view’ in key places such as reception areas, making the system aesthetically pleasing to the customer as well as reducing the cost of installation.

Each Network 8 Line Exchange unit sits on a network and is locally powered with internal battery backup from a monitored, maintained and sealed lead acid battery.

Conventional Control Panel

The FX2200CF range of conventional control panels provide a solution to any conventional system requirement. The advanced features include a simple “one-shot” user test facility, class change contacts, battery voltage alarms and charger temperature compensation, all included as standard to ensure ease of use and high reliability.

Attention to detail is emphasised by the neat log book holder feature, allowing essential records to be stored close to hand, ready for quick reference.

For larger installations, custom configuration of the panels offers even greater flexibility, allowing project specific requirements to be easily met, in a competitive and cost effective package.

To complement the FX2200CF range a repeater panel is available for connection to the 8 zone control panels.

This repeater panel (FXRP2200CF) has been specifically designed for ease of installation requiring only 2 interconnecting wires from the main panel this compared with up to 16 wires on many conventional panels represents a large cost saving both on material and labour.

Further repeater panels can be cascaded, again only using 2 wires. Standby time is not effected by the number of repeaters connected to each panel as each repeater has its own main supply and stand by battery.

The repeater is suitable for up to 8 zones and displays all the same functions as the main panel, but with the addition of a indicator test facility.

Public Address and Voice Alarm

Representing the cutting edge of audio technology, Cooper voice alarm systems provide the highest quality audio equipment using the latest digital techniques for greater reliability, ease of operation and simplicity of configuration.

Under BS5588, voice alarm systems are recommended for all public buildings and multi story buildings over four floors. Voice Alarm (VA) systems are the quickest way to evacuate the public & staff from a building.

Following fire detection, automated messages control the flow of people in stair wells and corridors allowing an orderly evacuation without panic. These messages are supplemented by spoken messages from the fire service or management suite confirming the validity and need to leave the building. This positive confirmation speeds evacuation and avoids the “false alarm” mentality reducing the risk of death from fire.

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