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Meadow View is a nursing home situated in the North West. The company who installed the fire alarm system also maintained it. Following a crucial fire inspection, it was identified that a number of issues needed to be resolved. The existing fire alarm company were unable to accommodate their situation. We were contacted to provide a solution.


  • No capacity to add equipment onto the fire alarm system.
  • Insufficient safety shut downs.
  • Existing maintenance company left a non-compliant system and were unhelpful when providing resolutions.


  • We created an additional fire alarm loop to accommodate extra equipment (combined with first two loops).
  • Installation and commission of new interfaces to carry out shutdowns.

Why We Excelled

We were awarded the maintenance contract because of our accommodating and helpful service. Our technical expertise provided a solution to fire alarm system that was at maximum capacity giving peace of mind to the business owners that their residents were fully protected. Furthermore direct contact was established through positive word of mouth through current clients. As an end user, our organisation was able to explain the whole process in a non-technical manner.

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