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What is a wireless fire alarm system?

A wireless fire alarm system is an addressable fire alarm system that uses radio transmission to communicate between devices such as the detectors, call points, sounders and control panels. It functions in exactly the same manner as a wired fire alarm system. Smoke or heat is detected, or a call point is activated and the signal is sent to the control panel, which sounds the alarm. Wireless systems are also known as radio fire alarm systems.

What are the advantages of a wireless fire alarm system?

✓ – More flexible and aesthetic – A wireless fire alarm system is much more flexible in terms of coverage because it does not require fire-proof wiring to connect the devices. This means you can place detectors or call points in areas where the installation of wiring would not be possible. That’s why wireless fire alarm systems are an attractive solution for heritage or listed buildings. Wireless systems are also easy to amend if the layout of the building changes

✓ – Multiple buildings covered – Flexible coverage means multiple buildings can be protected by one wireless system. This is ideal for premises with buildings that are separated by challenging landscapes such as bodies of water.

✓ – Quicker installation – No wires mean wireless systems are much quicker to install and require less labour. This means the amount of disruption caused by a wireless system installation is minimised and that’s why it’s ideal for commercial premises that are consistently busy or cannot afford to halt production.

✓ – Ideal as a temporary solution – The quick installation of wireless fire alarm systems and the absence of wiring makes them an ideal temporary solution for premises such as construction sites, marquees or modular buildings.

✓ – Addressable – Wireless systems also offer the same advantages of an addressable fire alarm system such as increased accuracy in locating the fire and a reduced rate of false alarms.

✓ – Hybrid – Wireless systems can also be integrated into a hard-wired fire alarm system, which provides the ideal solution for sites that are constructing new buildings which cannot support wiring.

What are the costs of a wireless fire alarm system?

Although cheaper to install, the components of a wireless fire alarm system are more expensive. Many devices on a wireless system rely on batteries, which require regular testing and replacement. Some devices use bespoke batteries, which are more expensive. Overall, a wireless fire alarm system requires a higher level of maintenance compared with wired systems and this should be the key consideration when conducting your cost benefit analysis.

Wireless fire alarm system services

We provide a full range of services for wireless fire alarm systems including design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We also supply and commission the following wireless systems…

  • Apollo Xpander
  • Sterling HyFire
  • EDA
  • EMS
  • Hochiki Ekho

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